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Wasps in this family are social Insects that take care of their young. Most wasps are solitary but others, like Yellow jackets and Hornets live in large colonies, consisting of one queen and many workers.

Some of these wasps are dark brown but most are striped yellow and black Bee-like insects. They nest in grey or tan, oval or irregular-shaped, papery nests in trees and under house eaves or even in the ground. Some move into the house.

Most are beneficial as they kill many pest insects around the yard, but Yellow jackets and Hornets may become pests when colonies grow in size and workers invade people's habitat looking for food.

When agitated wasp's can render a painful sting. Some people are allergic to these stings and need medical attention immediately.

 Wasps can sting more than once, which is not the case with Bees, as their stingers are hooked and remain stuck in the victim.

Hornets are like Yellow jackets but larger and could also be dark brown to black in color. They produce tan-colored nests. Some Wasps make umbrella-shaped nests and are known as Umbrella Wasps.

 White larva are found inside cells in the nests. These are fed daily on juices of insects and sweets. They last from 9 days to 22 days. A colony could produce as many as 10,000 larva.


 Paper Wasp - the main Wasp we treat for in Maricopa Count


  • Paper wasps present the most hazards as they are very aggressive when disturbed.

  • Paper wasp nest look like upside down umbrellas and have many cells.

  • Paper wasp nest can be found under eaves of homes, in bushes and they really like overgrown palm leaves.

  • Paper wasp have a few cells to hundreds of cells and usually many adults around or on the nest.

  • Paper wasp when killed and smashed give off a pheromone that attracts other paper wasp and causes them to attach, like blood in the water to a shark.

  • Paper wasp are usually the ones you see on the top of the water of your pool getting a drink or using the water to mix with chewed up bark that they make into the paper they build their nest with.

  • Mud daubers are fairly harmless and can be knocked down with a water hose and a knife or screw driver when the wasp is not around.


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